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大傳教育顧問公司提供企業與世界趨勢同步的教育培訓及顧問服務:國際風險管理與保險領域專才認證,線上風險管理與保險領域學習知識庫,國際風險管理與保險領域認證考試諮詢,The Institutes考照書籍代購,企業職能內訓及經理人專業英文能力強化。

做為知識領導,The Institutes是業界最受尊敬的提供專業發展解答的專家。

我們提供的企業教育解決方案,協助了解您的組織如何與The Institutes合作,創建定製的專業開發解答方案,以滿足特定的知識需求。


  1. 1. 專屬顧問讓您的行政工作變得更簡單
  2. 2. 學員的成績和考試數據統計
  3. 3. 線上考試註冊和學習資料
  4. 4. 藉由線上學習,你可以更方便、一致、高效率的為你在世界各地的員工傳達專業發展
  5. 5. 面對面講師傳業授課,你可以更直接解惑,並找出最適策略
  6. 6. 線上學員進度追蹤-了解員工們的分數與學習進度
  7. 7. 聯繫你的專屬顧問,以獲得有關實現組織專業發展目標的幫助
  8. 8. 我們的領導式學習教育,能夠讓你在眾人中脫穎而出


Our Service

  1. 1. We offer optimized, tailor-made programs that meet your specific requirements.
  2. 2. As part of our service we provide you with customized training manuals based on your needs.
  3. 3. We have consultants who can give lectures in specific fields.
  4. 4. Our specialized team of experts can help you build or improve your website in English.


Key Personnel

Senior English Instructor
MB of Finance and Insurance, Taiwan

Zoe has been in the language teaching business for over 20 years. She is capable to transfer her knowledge into practical works with analytical skills and clear communication. She built her company through innovation and dedication and became as one of the top professional trainers in recent year.

Equipped with field experience in financial services industry, she approaches language learning from uniquely designed programs which are based on sound pedagogical design, business needs and intensive interactivity in the desired business setting. Programs have been receiving highest remark and feedback from participants and sponsoring companies.

Specialized in:

  • •Conversation
  • •Business Letter Writing
  • •English for Insurance Business
  • •Report Writing
  • •Business Grammar & Comprehension
  • •Phonics