Social conversation

We assist students to build set phrases and sentence patterns for ordering, business courtesy, and social conversation
(small talk, ice-breaking).

Summarizing technical business reports and articles

Classes focus on technical business reports and reading comprehension skills. We will lead you to get an effective oral presentation.

General reading comprehension

Reading sessions of magazines, internet, and newspaper articles followed by conversations applying the new concepts and vocabulary contained in these articles.

Office conversation

Classes stress on helping students becoming an effective interface with clients and with employees of different departments.

Telephone conversation and business courtesy

Students practice answering calls, transferring calls and taking messages for business matters. They will also learn to understand business phone courtesy from different countries.

Listening comprehension

The goal is to help students to strengthen their listening skills to work on their pronunciation, and learn to speak more confidently.

FAQ: Daily conversation

The classes provide students the basis of starting and holding daily conversation, and how to direct thoughts into intelligent and comprehensible speech.


Teachers explain spelling rules and KK phonics to students, this will allow them to memorize more vocabulary and improve their intonation. Beginners can build up a solid foundation in English, and advanced students can refresh and solidify the sound of their spoken English and identify sentence structures.