The Global Business Series

Workshops can be arranged to cover a broad range of global business topics that affect businesses, such as:


“Basel Solvency II”: Will it work for the EU? Should Taiwan follow?

  • •Is Taiwan’s public pension scheme adequate? Where does it stand in comparison with other pension systems?
  • •Why is a global investment consultant needed for planning and advising?


What are those reports not telling? What information should I ask for?

Asset Management

What are key questions to ask to establish a good rapport with financial experts?


What can be expected under the ever uncertain and constant financial turmoil?

Sales & Marketing

How could one sell a brilliant marketing plan that requires a $20MM budget from the CEO of Prada?

  • •How to communicate ‘Global Best Practice’ vision and objectives to your organization.
  • •What to say to overcome the different ‘business cultures’ across borders or other man-made barriers.

Mini Workshops for everyday business

We also provide 1 day (or a specific short term) workshops that focus on the following topics:

  • •Technical English Negotiations and Solutions Providing
  • •Financial Reports Comprehension and Presentation
  • •Communication Skills for Internal and External Environments
  • •Business English Applied to Telephone Conversations and Meetings
  • •Cold Calling: What to Say and What Not to Say

These mini-worskshops are more concentrated, yet informal and provide the participants with the topics that rely more on the social aspects of business life.

Whether dealing with overseas business clients in Taiwan or travelling aroad, it is essential to understand the business cultures and processes of your counter party, the same as it is essential for them to understand you.

In addition, it is important to understand how ‘offiice culture’ can improve or diminish your business’ productivity

These Mini workshops are designed to touch points that very often make a vital difference.